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Talent is key to any organization’s success.

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Executive Coaching

Lead Differently

As a culture, we value productivity. Most of us have achieved success based on our ability to ‘get things done’ as opposed to our ability to effectively guide others. Yet improving the dialogue between a leader and his or her team reduces conflict and other work-related problems.  What […]


Teaming & Leadership Development

Talented Teams When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion. ~Ethiopian Proverb

The importance of effective teaming is on the rise. That’s why organizations are making organizational redesign a top priority. According to a recent Deloitte study, to keep pace with the challenges of a fast-paced global marketplace in […]


Interviewing & Talent Assessment

Hire Right

“All we can do is bet on the people whom we pick. So my whole job is picking the right people.” ~Jack Welch CEO, General Electric

Sounds simple. Yet how do you know good talent when you see it? Identifying high potential talent is challenging. The rewards for hiring the right […]

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