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Talent Matters

The ripple effect of talent within an organization is far-reaching. Businesses with the highest performing employees gain the competitive advantage.


“We have hired Don on several occasions to help create executive scorecards and to lead the interviews to fill executive positions. The interview process has always resulted in the hiring of A players, each of whom has made an immediate and financially positive impact on our organization.”

My Story

Talent matters. What I’ve learned from my experience across industry sectors and organizations large and small, the businesses with top talent win. Finding, assessing and developing that top talent is my mission.

My experience in Talent Consulting includes:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Assessments for staffing key jobs, for profiling talent in target acquisitions or in newly acquired businesses, for launching or renewing executive development, and for driving succession planning processes
  • Structured Assessment Interview Skills Training programs and Coaching
  • Leadership/High Potential Leader Identification and Development

If you’re interested in finding, assessing and developing top talent in your organization, let’s get started!

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