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Project Description

Talented Teams

When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion. ~Ethiopian Proverb

The importance of effective teaming is on the rise. That’s why organizations are making organizational redesign a top priority. According to a recent Deloitte study, to keep pace with the challenges of a fast-paced global marketplace in constant flux, leading business are shifting away from conventional functional structures to operate as networks of teams.

Despite the emphasis on teaming, employees and executives report that a lack of collaboration and ineffective communication are at the heart of work-related problems. High performing teams require a new set of leadership skills.

That’s where we can help.

What We Offer: Developing Exceptional Teaming

Teams often assume a pattern of behaviors that lock in an “acceptable” level of productivity.  They complete tasks and projects generally within the bounds of “acceptable” organizational expectations for on-budget, on-time, on-quality.  Without challenging assumptions about engagement or productivity, they focus more on efficiency than effectiveness.  We challenge teams and their leaders to look at teaming effectiveness through different perspectives and set goals for exceptional performance.  And we coach leaders and teams to develop the behaviors and skills to sustain exceptional teaming.  Our programs are action-oriented and emphasize immediate application to real workplace situations. Sessions may include pre-work and/or peer or occasional follow-up assignments to enhance on-the-job learning.

Sample programs include:

  • Teaming Assessment and Development
  • Coaching and Feedback Skills for Teams
  • Successful Teaming Through Conflict
  • Teaming and Accountability
  • Virtual Teaming

For programs that require baseline profiles, we are certified in Team Diagnostics, DiSC, Hogan Series, Birkman, CCL Benchmarks and Situational Leadership among others.

Talented Leaders

Talented leaders are the ones who effectively lever the knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors of their teams to achieve great things.  Assessing, selecting, assimilating and developing leaders are critical skills and actions for leaders and organizations to ensure a pipeline of agile leaders to drive business performance through rapidly changing markets.   Selecting the wrong leader, marginally supporting his or her assimilation into the organization and role or failing to provide on-going development to sharpen and challenge leadership competencies will likely have significant business consequences.  The key is to provide well planned coaching and development activities and programs to develop and enhance leadership competencies.

That’s where we can help.

What We Offer: Leadership Development

  • Developing Self and Others
  • Interviewing Skills for Hiring Leaders
  • Leading Change
  • Program Management
  • Situational Leadership
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers
  • Leadership Academy

Case Study 1


Talent Effects designed and led a program for over 80 high potential leaders at the manager and general manger level of a Fortune 200 firm.

Action: The process included multi-rater assessments using the firm’s leadership competencies to provide current feedback and data for development planning.

Results: The group workshops:

  • Provided an overview of multi-rater feedback.
  • Helped participants identify development priorities
  • Launched a year-long career development process focused on achieving personal and professional growth in the context of achieving a key business objective.

In addition, regular small group coaching sessions for groups of 4 to 6 to build and sharpen individual development plans, discuss obstacles, share feedback and suggestions, and obtain guidance and input from peers and facilitators.

Case Study 2


A healthcare technology firm wanted a program to develop leaders at the Vice President and Director level to support its rapid growth and drive a sustainable commitment to leadership development. The CEO and other members of the senior team indicated several priorities. Among them was the need to introduce the company’s new leadership requirements and provide a means for leaders to receive feedback relative to these requirements and begin a personal development process. The CEO also wanted to establish a common foundation of tools and practices for leaders to use in effectively managing the business and people. The CEO and CHRO asked us to build and deliver a program supporting these priorities, reflect the company’s entrepreneurial spirit and incorporate topics supporting expectations for organizational growth.

Actions: Working closely with the senior team, we developed a six session action learning program for a select group of participants. The learning design included three key elements. First, we provided each participant with multi-rater feedback relative to organizational requirements and individual coaching to create and implement a personal development plan. We introduced peer coaching as a process for supporting the feedback and development process as well as for building skills in giving and receiving feedback.

Second, we developed and facilitated a curriculum which introduced tools and processes which would serve as the company’s leadership toolbox. These sessions were designed in an action learning format and incorporated leader led discussion.

Third, partnering with the CEO, COO and CHRO, we identified several enterprise level business initiatives to challenge the academy participants, reinforce learning and accomplish real work. Working in cross functional teams, participants used tools and practices from Leadership Academy sessions, and, outside the classroom, conducted research and formulated recommendations to prepare and present an implementation plan for their assigned project to the senior executive team.

Results: The Leadership Academy has established a common language and models around a set of tools and practices for the company’s leaders to use in managing the business and people in a dynamic environment, enabled a new mindset for seeking and giving developmental feedback, and realized several ready to implement plans on real business initiatives. The Leadership Academy has now successfully completed three cohorts.

Talent Insights
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“We have hired Don on several occasions to help create executive scorecards and to lead the interviews to fill executive positions. The interview process has always resulted in the hiring of A players, each of whom has made an immediate and financially positive impact on our organization.”

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