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Executive Coaching

5 Tips to Maximize Your Experience with an Executive Coach.

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Executive Coaching

Talent Effects provides confidential, objective coaching support to executives and high potential leaders in a variety of fields and industries in pivotal career situations including assimilating quickly into a new leadership role; tracking toward roles of greater scope and/or responsibility; leading high-risk projects; and working through strengths and development needs to enhance performance in a current assignment.


Teaming & Leadership Development

The importance of effective teaming is on the rise. That’s why organizations are making organizational redesign a top priority. However, high performing teams require a new set of leadership skills. That’s where we can help.


Interviewing & Talent Assesment

The rewards for hiring the right person are high. So, too, are the consequences of a mis-hire. Too often current performance is mistaken for High Potential. The reality is that excellent performers today are not necessarily tomorrow’s leaders. This is why assessing talent is critical.



“An effective coaching experience comes down to trust. You have to believe that your coach knows what he’s talking about and has your best interests in mind. What sets Don apart as an executive coach is his breadth and depth of experience; his ability to listen carefully; and his authenticity.”


“The quality of people is possibly the biggest determinant of value creation.” University College London & Mercuri Urval Int’l

The fast-paced, rapidly changing nature of today’s work environment requires a new set of leadership skills to achieve business goals. Yet only 37% of senior leaders believe that their leadership demonstrates the ability to achieve critical results today ~CEB.

That’s why I launched Talent Effects: To help organizations gain a competitive advantage through identifying, assessing and developing leaders. Strong leaders can achieve 90% more revenue and 2X more profit growth ~CEB

My approach is more than theory. It’s also based on practical experience that comes from not only 15 years of coaching and developing leaders, but also from a career that spans a spectrum of management roles, including human resources, line operations, account management, and P&L responsibility.

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Resources to help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends, tips and best practices in talent management.


So, you have been offered a business coach…now what?

If you have not previously worked with a business coach, often referred to as an executive coach, the basis for selecting one can seem perplexing. What really matters? Congratulations! You've just received word from your manager (or other organizational sponsor, such as a Human Resources/Talent Management or other business leader) [...]


Be the Example

As an executive and teaming coach for over 20 years I have seen the boom and bust of talent development.  This boom and bust typically parallels the overall economy, but it also often follows the fortunes of individual firms resulting from challenging financial situations or changes in control from a [...]


Candidate Specs That Make Sense

Looking to hire for a key role in your organization?  Now is the time to implement a new approach to interviewing, assessing, and selecting talent. Your first step?  Begin by developing well-thought-out job and candidate specifications. After prioritizing the outcomes you are targeting to achieve over the next 18-24 months [...]

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