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Executive Coaching

So, you have been offered a business coach…now what?

If you have not previously worked with a business coach, often referred to as an executive coach, the basis for selecting one can seem perplexing. What really matters? Congratulations! You've just received word from your manager (or other organizational sponsor, such as a Human Resources/Talent Management or other business leader) [...]

Teaming & Leadership Development
Interviewing & Talent Assessment

The Key to Improving School Performance (and Business, Too!)

Election Day, 2012. Candidates for office at all levels of government have points of view on multitudes of issues and how they will address each issue if elected. Improving our schools is one such issue. In recent years, research has increasingly pointed to teacher quality as a primary driver of [...]

Are You a Dishonest Leader? The February Test

Integrity. It seems that nearly every organizational competency model or values statement includes the word “integrity”. Commonly defined as a “firm adherence to a code of moral or ethical values or honesty”, it goes without [...]