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Where Are Firms Investing in Leader Development Now?

Organizations increased their investment in leadership development some 14% in 2012 over the previous year according to industry research. This marks the most significant increase in years. How are they allocating this investment? Leaders at All Levels More investment is being directed down the management chain. With limited investment at [...]

Interviewing & Talent Assessment

Search for Technically Competent CEO?

Vector Illustration - Brain Searching Concept With the sudden retirement of California utility PG&E CEO Peter Darbee, the “President of the California Public Utilities Commission suggested that PG&E ‘return to its roots by hiring the most technically competent person, someone with a long standing history of performance in [...]

Top Companies for Leaders – What Really Matters?

Fortune Magazine and Aon Hewitt recently announced the 2011 Top Companies for Leaders. The results are based on a comparative evaluation of company submitted information on practices related to attracting, developing and retaining leaders. Top [...]