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Executive Coaching

Tell Us About You – What a Team Wants to Know About a New Leader

A client, let's call him Joe, who recently joined a global consumer goods organization, participated in a process known as a New Leader Assimilation about a month into his employment with the firm. Joe's organization strongly believes that the success of a new leader is greatly enhanced by using a [...]

Teaming & Leadership Development

Growing Grapes and Learners

alex galmeanu - I recently accompanied an Executive MBA class from Kennesaw State University (Atlanta, GA) to Romania as they began a seven month international joint international residency program.  In advance of travel to Romania, the Kennesaw (KSU) EMBA students thoughtfully arranged for a service project at [...]

Interviewing & Talent Assessment

Where Are Firms Investing in Leader Development Now?

Organizations increased their investment in leadership development some 14% in 2012 over the previous year according to industry research. This marks the most significant increase in years. How are they allocating this investment? Leaders at [...]

Search for Technically Competent CEO?

Vector Illustration - Brain Searching Concept With the sudden retirement of California utility PG&E CEO Peter Darbee, the “President of the California Public Utilities Commission suggested that PG&E ‘return to its roots by [...]