Interviewing & Talent Assesment

Growing Grapes and Learners


I recently accompanied an Executive MBA class from Kennesaw State University (Atlanta, GA) to Romania as they began a seven month international joint international residency program.  In advance of travel to Romania, the Kennesaw (KSU) EMBA students thoughtfully arranged for a service project at a secondary school in Valea Călugărească, a community located in the [...]

Three Disciplines for Making Smarter People Decisions—Discipline #3: Accountability


“The ancient Romans had a tradition: whenever one of their engineers constructed an arch, as the capstone was hoisted into place, the engineer assumed responsibility for his work in the most profound way possible: he stood under the arch.” Michael Armstrong Former Chairman and CEO AT&T Accountability. We have heard it discussed frequently in recent [...]

Search for Technically Competent CEO?


With the sudden retirement of California utility PG&E CEO Peter Darbee, the “President of the California Public Utilities Commission suggested that PG&E ‘return to its roots by hiring the most technically competent person, someone with a long standing history of performance in the energy industry.’" (PG&E CEO Darbee to Step Down, WSJ, April 21, 2011). [...]

Steve Jobs on interviewing for “needles in the haystack”


Recruiting is hard. It's just finding the needles in the haystack. You can't know enough in a one-hour interview. So, in the end, it's ultimately based on your gut. How do I feel about this person? What are they like when they're challenged? I ask everybody that: 'Why are you here?' The answers themselves are [...]

Upgrading Talent? The Business Case for Coaching the Externally Hired Leader


A priority for many business executives in this down economy is upgrading leadership talent in such areas as Sales, Finance, and Supply Chain. In these and other key functions, executives are betting that the external hire can outperform the incumbent, now, and in the future. As in any bet, there are risks with taking such [...]

Avoiding the Experience Trap


Help Wanted...Only those with current experience in our market, industry, product, technology, systems, etc. need apply....Many companies believe that in today's environment the best candidates are those whose prior experience closely matches the company's situation. On the surface, this seems a logical approach. With so many people seeking work, whether they are employed or unemployed, [...]

Upgrading Talent? Upgrading Interview and Asessment Skills as Well?


Although layoff announcements and jobless claims dominate the current headlines, some firms are making it a priority to upgrade talent in key roles.  Savvy business leaders and HR officers recognize the importance of fielding a strong team to not only survive now but, thrive as the economy rebounds.  Sales, finance and operations/supply chain are prime [...]

What’s the Point of Feedback Now?


Feedback is something that is typically never in oversupply, even in the best of times. Since the economic downturn began, many firms have operated in crisis mode, cutting staff and other expenses in order to survive until markets return. With layoffs, remaining managers and executives are stretched to lead ever larger staffs. Compounding the problem [...]