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Top Companies for Leaders – What Really Matters?


Fortune Magazine and Aon Hewitt recently announced the 2011 Top Companies for Leaders. The results are based on a comparative evaluation of company submitted information on practices related to attracting, developing and retaining leaders. Top Companies for Leaders has been published nearly every year since 2002, with several companies consistently appearing on the list including [...]

Learning on the Edge: 5 Growing Trends That Are Driving Learning and Development Now


Trend # 5: Learning is a Contact Sport - Will e-learning and social media ever fully replace the traditional classroom instructor-led learning environment? Not likely. Face-to-face engagement with learners enables a uniquely human connection, one in which communication can occur on multiple levels and visceral emotional connectedness can be created. Today, effective classroom training is [...]

Learning on the Edge: 5 Growing Trends Driving Learning and Development Today


Trend #4 Microlearning: How We Get Information Today Neuroscientists, who have long tried to crack the code on how learning occurs in the brain, tell us that small bursts of information repetitively presented over a period of time help us to embed information in our short-term memories. Under the right conditions and with enough time, [...]

Learning on the Edge: 5 Growing Trends that are Driving Learning and Development Now


Trend #3 Moving to Mobile: Learning Wherever As a result of the proliferation of mobile devices - Google is projecting smartphone growth at 30% per year - mobile learning is getting deserved attention by an increasing number of organizations. A recent survey found that 50% of all responding organizations are planning some mobile learning applications [...]

Learning on the Edge: 5 Growing Trends That Are Driving Learning and Development Now


Trend # 2: Social Learning: Leveraging Social Media for the Way We Work Today Yesterday, it was the chance meeting at the “water cooler” that gave employees the opportunity to exchange information and perhaps even problem solve, should a new “situation” occur. Today, technology and changing demographics have converged to present a “supercharged water cooler” [...]

Learning on the Edge: 5 Growing Trends That Are Driving Learning and Development Now


Trend #1 -- Learning Reality: Differentiating What You Want the Learner to Do vs. Know The setting was a Q&A session with a panel of corporate learning executives at a university-sponsored symposium on executive education. The question from an audience participant pertained to the importance of an academic grounding as a foundation to corporate learning. [...]

Three Disciplines for Making Smarter People Decisions—Discipline #3: Accountability


“The ancient Romans had a tradition: whenever one of their engineers constructed an arch, as the capstone was hoisted into place, the engineer assumed responsibility for his work in the most profound way possible: he stood under the arch.” Michael Armstrong Former Chairman and CEO AT&T Accountability. We have heard it discussed frequently in recent [...]

Search for Technically Competent CEO?


With the sudden retirement of California utility PG&E CEO Peter Darbee, the “President of the California Public Utilities Commission suggested that PG&E ‘return to its roots by hiring the most technically competent person, someone with a long standing history of performance in the energy industry.’" (PG&E CEO Darbee to Step Down, WSJ, April 21, 2011). [...]